Dr. Adnan Aziz is among the best homeopath in Pakistan. Dr. Adnan Aziz has successfully treated thousands of patients all over Pakistan. Dr. Adnan Aziz has been offering homeopathic treatment for more than last 22 years having been in practice for so many years, Dr. Adnan Aziz has specialized in chronic diseases.
He is specialist in spinal disorder ,GIT disorder, male and female problems, diabetes and anal fissure.
whether you are suffering from chronic and recurring diseases or a rare, untreatable clinical condition, Dr. Adnan Aziz is here to attend to you with the best of his resources.


Dr. Adnan Aziz is internationally acclaimed gold medalist homeopathic specialist doctor practicing in Pakistan for over a decade and healing the nation. His practice and research have won him Gold Medals from Weber and Weber (W&W)-Germany and Gehrlicher (GHR)-Germany.Dr. Adnan Aziz has an experience of more than 20 years and has cured hundreds of patients.




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General FAQ

Can homeopathy treat anything?

Homeopathy medicines are available for a range of conditions, from cuts and bruises to stomach upsets and colds. Minor aliments can be treated easily by yourself. If the symptoms persist, or severe you must seek the advice of your doctor.

Is it Safe?

Yes, Even though some of the medicines are potentially harmful in their non-homeopathic state, the extreme dilutions used for homeopathic treatment eliminate these dangers and unwanted side effects.

How do I store homeopathic medicines?

Being very dilute the medicines are sensitive and should therefore be stored in a dry place below 25`C, in their original container and away from strong smells such as perfume, aftershave, coffee and moth repellents. Although they are perfectly safe, as a general rule all medicines should be kept out of reach of children.

Does taking a stronger dose have greater effect?

No, it is frequency of taking the dose that matters, not the number of tablets. Always follow the instructions of your doctor.

Should I take my homeopathic medicine indefinitely?

No. once your symptoms start to lessen you should increase the time between doses according to the direction of your doctor. Only restart treatment if your symptoms begin to re-appear with the consultation of your doctor.

Will homeopathy suit me?

Yes, homeopathic medicines can be used by most people, but as there are many different homeopathic medicine available, and as each person responds to illness in a different way, take care in matching your symptoms to a particular homeopathic medicines and ensure that you carefully follows the instruction for taking it.

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